Wordpress has been powering millions of websites worldwide. It is a content management system wherein you can create your own publishing platforms such as websites and blogs. You can create and publish and modify posts and be able to customize pages with many themes, custom menus, and widgets. It allows you to maintain any kind of database information such as texts, pictures, audio or video files. All of this information can then be formatted and displayed in thousands of ways. Wordpress is so powerful because it has the ability to manipulate and store all information and display information on the web. It is being used by millions making it the most powerful today. It is a great tool when creating a website or a blog because it offers different themes and plugins allowing you to customize the interior and exterior in any way you like. Adding functionality is very possible. Therefore, a visitor counter can be displayed on your website or blog using WordPress.


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A visitor counter enables you to effectively monitor every visit and hit gained by your website. There are many visitor counter plugins available for WordPress. An example of a WordPress counter plugin is one which can indicate the number of your online visitors and at the same time indicate the region where they are located. It serves as a map wherein you can locate your clients via their IP address. Another example of a visitor counter WordPress plugin is one which shows a day by day guest tally.





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Adding a WordPress visitor counter to your blog or website is the best way to know the analytics and statistics or your website. It is the best way to keep track of your visitors and would be clients. Analyzing your visitors means maximizing their engagement to your page.

The visitor counter plugin is perfect for your WordPress site because it is quick and easy to install. It can provide reliable details that you need to know in order to track your site’s activity. A hit counter completes your WordPress site or blog and it only involves a few steps to install. Remember, you can create a hit counter for free. In order to get the counter, just log into your WordPress account and go to dashboard. You can edit the contents from the dashboard which also includes the free hit counter. Just click on the appearance and open the widgets. Click on Add next to add a text widget. You can now write text and the HTML code provided in freecountercode.com. Get your counter code for free just copy and paste the entire code in the content field. Click on Save and open your WordPress blog. You can now see the free hit counter counting your visitors.


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Maintain a competitive presence on the internet. Get your free counter now. Just edit and embed the code to make it start counting immediately. It can be put on any kind of website or blog on any page you prefer. And there are a lot of styles and designs to choose from. Using a counter can help you market your blog. You can contribute to social networks and can be included in web directories. Keep track of your unique visitors and monitor traffic on your site. In this way, you can easily update and improve your site or page. Count how many unique visitors have dropped by your site and discover how popular your site is. Install and activate the free hit counter now. Know your visitor’s actions and visit statistics. Web counter can assist you in making plans for content in the future. The presence of a counter to your WordPress page can define the popularity of your site. It can make visitors see how famous your website is and may encourage them to spend more time exploring your page. Publishing a web counter can indicate which content is popular and which ideas are a hit. You can also see which page is less popular at least visited. Track visitors and monitor the popularity or your page. You can always take advantage of this tool anytime.