What types of websites are allowed to use the counter?
Our service is available for personal and non-profit and commercial websites. Our counter service is explicitly not available to spammers, email marketers, adult websites or any website we find objectionable due to content or extremely high traffic volumes.
May I have an invisible counter on my pages?
No we do not provide invisible counters.
How does the your counter work?
A small piece of javascript code must be installed in all webpages to be tracked. Each time a person browsing the web requests a tracked webpage the counter code will communicate with our servers logging hits and unique visits.
Can I make my counter invisible?
Free counters may not be invisible because your counter will display a Powered by... and an ad under your counter, however Paid counter members can change the style of the counter to display the color of their sites background. You can view the counter stats from within your member area.
May I change the color of the counter displayed on my page?
Yes, counters are delivered in the default font, which means that they will accept the styles of your webpage.
Are there any advertising and link backs with the counter?
Yes, to pay for the expense of running our service, free counter members will have paid ads and a link back to our site under their counter. We offer very affordable upgrade features to have the link and ads removed.