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A web counter is a software application that states the number of visitors or hits that a certain website or page has received. Upon set up, the web counter increments by one every time your blog is accessed uniquely by a visitor or a hit. The number increases by counting each unique visit from an IP address. Every time the same visitor reloads the site, the counter will not increase because the web counter recognizes it to be the same IP address. Each counter is displayed as numbers and can also be displayed as a text or as an image. Most counters are graphically developed to suit in with your style and your taste. You can choose different styles and fonts that display the details and can be set up by a web program or can also be by a free or paid widget.

Whether you are running dating sites or whatever kind of website it may be, you are going to want to install a counter. If you are going to do that anyway, you might as well go with a free one since there really is no point in paying for it if you don’t have to.

The function is going to be the same anyway. It’s a counter. What’s more, you are already getting the same kinds of benefits that you would expect from it if you only really need to know how much traffic your site is getting.


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Web counters keep tract of the number of your blog page visitors or hits. This can also function as web trackers because it can indicate the IP numbers of the visitors and what web browsers such unique visitors use. It can also tell which sites drive traffic to your page and can also provide what time of the day the visitors arrive. It can be used to track traffic patterns through your page.

There are three kinds of counter available online. A hit counter is a type of counter that displayed n homepages. It displays and measures the number of visits on a single page on a particular website. Hit counters can be public that can be viewed freely on the internet. And can be exclusive and be made private which can only be viewed by the webmaster. Hit counters measure requests made by the browser of a certain visitor to a server. Whenever a request to view your page is made, it is relayed through a server. This process is now called a “hit”. Hit counters are easy to install and are available online for free. Numerous scripts are made available for free download. However, hit counters will not tell how many unique visitors your page had. It cannot also tell the time period which is a drawback in the evaluation of trends. Hit counters provide details about user data which can increase sales and also increase the number of the reader base.


A page counter is almost the same as a hit counter. It is a graphic design and a line of code that is used to display the number of visits made to view your page. It measures views on multiple pages of your website. It logs, keeps tracks and then displays views of visitors your page has received. Whenever a different user visits the blog, the counter increases by one. The advantage of having a page counter is that it allows the evaluation of your website and can be used to analyze the quality of your website. You can download your free hit counter code if you want to increase the quality of your site.



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Web counters are combinations of graphic and code device that enable you to display and measure how many visitors your site has received. Unlike page counters, web counters are used to measure several pages and can be used as visitor tracker. They are used for analysis because they provide information about comparative overview that shows the number of pages and which pages have received the most number of visitors. Web counters can tell the traffic patterns and the web browsers used by the visitors. The date and time stamp of visitors are also being provided. The keywords used that bring traffic to the site can also be known by using a web counter. Having a web counter brings good impression to advertisers because they can view traffic details which are critical in every website.It can also encourage visitors to spend more time on your blog because the popularity of it is displayed for readers to see.


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Most of the counters are free. Several options are made available to address your every need. But if you wish to learn the more about traffic in every detail, you need to upgrade and pay a minimal fee.